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a beautiful healing

A Beautiful Healing is a girl's experiences growing up in a household with an unmedicated mentally ill parent who eventually was arrested on multiple counts of rape and sexual abuse of multiple girls between the ages of 13 and 15.   Through years of self-hatred, suicidal thoughts, and feelings of being an emotional orphan, she found hope, healing, identity, and joy in God.

She discovered that as she began to share my story that there were countless individuals just like her who are bent under the weight and shame of the secret of their parent’s illness, or the abuse and trauma they suffered.  Driven by this knowing others like her needed to know that the shame is not theirs and their lives have an intrinsic value, she shared her experiences in this book.  

You can know that a road to wholeness can come and it can be a A Beautiful Healing.

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Tiffany Brearton,
Author of from Stilettos To Grace

The way Jennifer wrote her story you will feel like you are sitting in the room with her. Be ready to journey back in time with Jen as she takes a good, hard look at her life. You will be blown away at all the things she uncovers and heals along the way. This is a must-read book for anyone who has ever felt like giving up. Jennifer’s story will help you keep the faith and hope alive in your own life. The Lord has brought such A Beautiful Healing into Jen’s life and as her friend it has been beautiful to see her continue to grow.

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Dr. Brian Simmons, Passion and Fire Ministries, The Passion Translation Project

God has a way of bringing A Beautiful Healing into the most broken heart. This is a raw, true story of how God captured the heart of a troubled girl and brought A Beautiful Healing into her life. I was rocked by reading Jennifer Osborn's account of her upbringing. Abused, abandoned, suicidal, and lost--but Jesus won her heart. This is the redemption story of a lost lamb who has become a devoted lover of God. I was gripped by the raw intensity of Jennifer's life story. It will move your heart and convince you that nothing and no one is beyond the reach of the merciful hands of Almighty God. I promise you; this is a book that can impact your life for years to come! Read it! And buy a copy for a friend, they will thank you for it!

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Lorie Langdon - Young Adult Author

A Beautiful Healing is a poignant memoir of childhood tragedy, and how God’s unwavering love is more powerful than any past trauma or shame. Jennifer’s story will break your heart and put it back together, proving that hope is just on the other side of forgiveness.

about Jennifer Osborn

Award-winning Author Jennifer Osborn is a speaker and writer who is passionate about helping other realize hope. 


Originally a young adult author, A Beautiful Healing is her debut nonfiction novel about her journey.   Jennifer resides in the Cincinnati area with her husband.


For speaking engagements or info

I am available to speak at your next event.  Reach out to me for the information.  Thanks!

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